Job Opportunity: Divine Redeemer Church, Mount Carmel

Divine Redeemer Church in Mount Carmel is looking for a Choir Director/Organist. A job description is included below. For more information, please contact the parish office at 570-339-3450.

Choir Director/ Organist

A gross payment of $100.00 per choir Mass and $100.00 per choir rehearsal will be paid twice a month. The net payment will be minus taxes. Payment for up to thirteen additional choir rehearsals will be $70.00 each. Payment for non-choir Masses, when solicited, will be $70.00 each. Contract will allow for two unpaid vacation weeks, if needed. Emergency cancellations for any contractual responsibilities will be considered, but not compensated.

Contractual Responsibilities

  • One Mass per weekend x 50 weeks
  • One rehearsal per week x 50 weeks
  • Special liturgies as defined below



  • To develop, grow and sustain a volunteer choir to complement the Sunday 10:30 a.m. Mass and Holy Days.
  • To engage the parishioners in prayerful song while supporting the gospel message of the Parish Pastor.


  • To work under the spiritual direction of the Pastor to design and provide thoughtful musical choices to coincide with the weekly readings and liturgical calendar.
  • Be mindful of the music budget and stay within those parameters as set by the Liturgy Committee to acquire sheet music and other instruments; to upkeep equipment and instruments; and to contract musical support.
  • Be willing to work with lay personnel on a variety of special projects.

Weekday Evening

  • Hold weekly practice(s).
  • Be at the parish no less than twenty minutes prior to rehearsal, organized and prepared to start practice on time.

Sunday 10:30 a.m. Mass

  • Be at the parish prepared to lead the choir 30 minutes before Mass.
  • Accompany and direct the weekly volunteer choir, cantors, and occasional auxiliary musicians.

Direct Special Liturgies

  • Holy Day Vigils: Mary, Mother of God, Ash Wednesday, Ascension Thursday, Assumption, All Saints, Immaculate Conception
  • Commissioned secular day(s), i.e. Thanksgiving.
  • Easter Triduum: Holy Thursday Mass, Good Friday Service, and Easter Masses (2)
  • Christmas Masses (2)
  • Extra Weekday/Weekend Masses, as needed, i.e. Forty Hours. (When liturgies fall outside of the regular church calendar, the director will be given two weeks prior notice to arrange his schedule.)

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