Performers sought for “Friday Night Pipes”

The organ at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Hughestown, PA

Our chapter will be holding its Annual Members’ Recital, “Friday Night Pipes,” on Friday, April 16 at 7:00 p.m. at Saint Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hughestown. The organ at Saint Peter’s is a 1917 installation by M. P. Möller and was restored and enlarged in 1994. The tonal design of the rebuilt organ is best classified as Early American with English influences, and was proposed by Mr. Henry Johnson, a longtime member of our chapter. The instrument is of unit design and currently has a total of nine ranks and 23 stops played from a two-manual console.

Chapter members are encouraged to perform in the recital. Though it is a small instrument, St. Peter’s organ is versatile enough to play a wide variety of organ literature. However, please keep in mind that the organ has very few pistons, so it would probably best to select pieces that require few or no registration changes. If you are interested in playing for “Friday Night Pipes,” please respond to this post with your selections or contact Michael Sowa, host organist and chapter publicity officer no later than Friday, April 2.