Gilbertsville church seeks musicians

New Hanover Evangelical Lutheran Church (NHELC), Gilbertsville, PA is searching for candidates to fulfill the leadership needs of its music program. These needs may be fulfilled by one or more musicians depending on the skills and experience of potential applicants.

Candidates are expected to have:

  • A commitment to Jesus Christ, with a background/experience in liturgical worship;
  • Strong communication skills with all age groups;
  • Programmatic innovation/flexibility/adaptability;
  • Proficiency in the position responsibilities;
  • Suitable academic background and/or related job experience;
  • Musical diversity and creativity;
  • Strong organizational skills (computer literate skills necessary);
  • The ability to be a team player.

Primary responsibilities of the music program director/musicians:

  • Work collaboratively with the Worship and Music Committee, the Senior Pastor,
    and any other music program staff members;
  • Coordinate music and choirs for all worship services;
  • Promote well prepared choirs and musical direction;
  • Serve as the organist/pianist for worship services;
  • Provide direction and/or accompaniment for vocal and handbell choirs for both adults and youth.

Key Instruments – 1986 Schantz organ (2 manual, 19 ranks), 2009 Boston upright piano, Schulmerich handbells (3 octaves), Schulmerich handchimes (4 octaves), Orff instruments (various), all well maintained.

Music Environment – Musically talented congregation, competent congregational leadership, responsive choirs, sizeable rehearsal space and office, considerable music library.

Benefits – paid vacation, continuing education allowance, reasonable music budget, and salary commensurate with experience and position.

Inquire – Send resume or questions to or Music Program Task Force, 2941 Lutheran Road, Gilbertsville, PA 19525. More information at


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